Plan for 2021

How to train in isolation

Your training plan for 2021 must obviously take into account the worldwide pandemic  that has forced the cancellation of many, if not all,  SwimRun events. We take a look at why you should plan for 2021, how to plan, and how to train in isolation.

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Plan for 2021 - Why bother?

Motivation; When you have an event (or even better, several events) planned, you know that a while down the road you are going to be challenged physically. Your strength and endurance are going to be tested, and this gives you a reason to start and continue with some training.

Focus; Once you have selected a race to take part in, you know the distance and your approximate time. You can start to focus your training towards the requirements of the particular race.

Something to look forward to;  Mentally, making a plan for a race in the future gives you something to look forward to. It becomes something that you think about, and occupies your time.

Plan for 2021

Choose a distance; Most events offer 3 distances.

  • First, a 'super sprint' or 'experience' distance, that typically gives you a taster if it is your first try at a SwimRun.
  • Second, a normal 'sprint' distance, which is typically 15km to 25km (say 10 miles to 15 miles).
  • Third, a full distance event, usually 30km up to 70km (18 miles to 40 miles).

Consider travel; You need to think about how far you want to travel for an event. Can you drive there? Or travel by rail or coach? Or even fly?  After the pandemic has passed, traveling may be limited in some way. It may be best at this time to try to find an event as close as possible, to reduce your travel needs.

Consider accommodation;  You will need to consider where you will stay. Unless the race is within 20 - 40 miles of your home, you may want to consider staying overnight somewhere near the start. I know I do!  Are there Air BnB opportunities in the area? Or can you stay with a friend or relation?

Solo or team? The original idea of SwimRun was that you took part as a team of 2. This was for safety reasons. Recently, event organizers such as Ötillö have introduced the 'solo' option for shorter distances, such as 'Experience' and 'Sprint' races.  The longer World Series events are still only open to teams of 2.

Plan for 2021 - Resources

SO, do you plan to race alone as a solo competitor, or as a team of 2?

Plan for 2021

Resources for training - what can you realistically use? At the moment, many countries across the world have closed public swimming pools, public parks, and even beaches, which means no swimming in the sea. Where we live in Spain, we are not allowed to leave the house for any reason, other than to buy groceries (only at the nearest store) or for a medical emergency or to visit a pharmacy (only 1 customer at a time inside).

So what resources do we have? Here are some possibilities;

  •  A turbo trainer for your bike.
  • A static bike
  •  Some weights, say 5kg hand weights
  •  Kettlebell
  • Treadmill
  •  Elliptical trainer
  •  Rowing machine
  • Multigym
  •  Swiss Ball
  •  yoga mats
  •  Internet connection for online fitness instruction

Click HERE for some ideas about the best home exercise equipment, still available from Amazon!

Plan for 2021 - how to Train in Isolation

Initial training is basic fitness training. If you have been confined to your home during the pandemic, it is hard to keep up your fitness. The initial training you take on at this time with a plan for 2021 is basic fitness training. It will improve your respiratory capacity, your heart health, and your mental well-being.

Training in isolation - SwimRun workouts

  • Circuit training; things you can use in your circuit training;

   - a turbo trainer for your bike

    - an elliptical trainer

     - a home treadmill

     - resistance bands

     -  Weights

     - A running route through your home/garage/backyard.

Have a look at our page on home workout plans for more ideas!                                  

Alternatives to weights;  You need a little imagination here! If you don't have any proper gym hand weights, you can use anything that weighs a few pounds;

  • Bag of flour or sugar
  • Bottle of water
  • A book
  • A bag of dry lentils, chick peas or beans
  • A bottle of wine


Be sure to spend 10 to 15 minutes stretching after any home workout.

We have a NEW page on home workout plans for swimrunners, showing the circuit training that we are currently doing to stay in place.

Plan for 2021 - Our plan

Out of interest, here are the events that we are looking at for late 2020 and 2021;

1. Swimrun events;

  • Canary Islands - Fuerteventura  October 17 2020
  • Lago di Maggiore, Italy; June 2020 or 2021

2. Swimming events;

  • Barbados Swim Festival
  • St. Kitts and Nevis Swim
  • Malaysia swim series

3. Running events;

  • The Sherry Marathon in Jerez, Spain

4. Triathlons

  • Carboneras Sprint Triathlon - our local event.

We don't know which events will take place, or which ones we will have done enough training for;  BUT this is our plan, something to plan for and look forward to!

Plan for 2021 - the lighter side

Here is a light-hearted video that we made, just for fun.

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