Swimrun Race Reports

Here are Swimrun race reports written by people who have actually taken part in the event - YOU! We are looking for people to send us their reports on a swimrun race that they have completed recently.

If you have competed in a swimrun race recently - anywhere in the world - we want to hear from you! Share your experience with all our readers, and help people to find an event that suits their ability.

To see our writer's guidlines, click here to jump down the page!

Swimrun Race Reports

Two female competitors at the Halmstad Swimrun, leaving the waterHalmstad Swimrun

We are waiting for our first report.

What event have YOU done recently? Tell us about it!

Swimrun Race Reports

Writer's Guidlines.

So, what are we looking for? It's very simple, just tell us about the event you have completed. Here are the things to include;

Which event - the organiser, the location, and the date.

The distance - Experience, Sprint, Standard distance or Long Distance

What was the actual distance covered, in total?

What were the conditions like on the day? Did you get a 'goodie bag'?

What was the organisation like?

What did you think of the course? Too hard? Too easy? Were there enough water stations?

What did you get at the finish - food, drinks, a medal?

We would like to have at least 800 words, and several of your own photos from the day. BUT don't worry if your report is under 600 words!

Also, don't worry about spelling and grammar - we will edit your story before we publish it!  Just send your story and photos to us in whatever format you prefer, using the Contact Us link, and we will do the rest. Thank you!

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