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Breca Swimrun is the organizer of a Swimrun series set in the UK, New Zealand and Canada.  Each race is unique in its location and the challenges you face.  You have a choice of lake and sea swims, mountaing and coastal trail running, sprint and full distances, but each course will give you a true adventure!

World class swimrun races in wild places - test your strength in open water and on the trails!

Previously all Breca Swimruns were competed in teams - there are no solo options however, in February 2021 the following announcement was made:

Solo Entries for Breca Swimrun Events

"We are incredibly excited to announce the launch of solo entries across all Sprint races.

This new format will allow participants to race if their teammates are stuck in other places, for new people to try swimrun or to experience swimrun in a slightly different way. There will be a few additional safety measures for those flying solo.

The first race supporting solo entries will be the upcoming Bay of Islands."

For those new to the sport, Breca recommend any of their Sprint distances at a lake-based event, as there will be no tides or swell on the swim.

For experienced swimrunners, the full distances will all present different challenges depending on the location and the strengths/weaknesses of the athletes.  Breca Gower has a high chance of swells being a surfing location and has difficult running terrain.  Breca Jersey features extremely technical swim entrances and exits and a long running section.  In New Zealand the lake swims are cold and the terrain mountainous at Breca Wanaka, whilst Breca Bay of Islands has challenging elevation and possible choppy waters!

Read on to find out more about the Breca Swimrun Series and find the best Swimrun event for you!

Breca Virtual Swimrun Series

With the ongoing pandemic in 2021, Breca have launched a Virtual Swimrun Series to commence in March 2021.

The set of challenges start on 1st of March and take you to Greece, Spain, Las Vegas and Wonderland (virtually!).

There is something for everyone ranging from the family friendly 22km journey in Wonderland to the epic 300km course through Greece.

All finishers will receive a medal along with a tree planted by their partner Trees Not Tees.


swimrunners running through a forest near a riverBreca has partnered with 'Trees Not Tees'

Breca Swimrun Series

Breca have advised the dates below are all provisional, depending on the current situation due to the pandemic.

Update - 8 April 2021

Breca have announced that no full distance races will run in 2021.  You can read the official statement from Breca HERE.

Breca Swimrun Canada Series

Canada is a new location for Breca - the first race was due to be held in 2020 however, due to COVID19, the first race is now in September 2021.

Breca Georgian Bay

Breca Swimrun

DATE:  18th September 2021

VENUE:  Georgian Bay, Ontario

Be part of Breca's first Canadian Swimrun event in the Thirty Thousand Islands, a UNESCO reserve east of Ontario's Lake Huron.  It is the world's largest freshwater archipelago.  This is promising to be one of Breca's wildest and most challenging races, with a journey across uninhabited islands, grey-pink granite shorelines and wild, coniferous forests.  "Wanderlust meets extreme endurance!"


32 runs - 52 km total

31 swims - 10 km total

Total Distance: 62 km


14 runs - 24 km total

13 swims - 6 km total

Total Distance: 30 km

You can get further information and register your place HERE.

Breca Swimrun UK Series

There are 4 races in the Breca UK Series:

  • Breca Gower (now has a new date)
  • Breca Coniston
  • Breca Loch Lomond
  • Breca Jersey

Breca Gower

DATE:  31st July 2021 (NEW DATE)

VENUE:  Near Swansea, Wales

Set on Wales' Gower peninsula the race goes along the coast from Rhossili to Mumbles with trails through an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  Be prepared to race against the tide and explore limestone cliffs, woodlands, white sand beaches and hidden bays.  A spectacular and challenging Swimrun event on the coastal path with multiple ocean swims.

breca swimrun
breca swimrunBreca Gower Swimrun


Runs - 17.5 km total

Swims - 2.5 km total

Total Distance: 20 km

BRECA GOWER LONG (Not live yet)

The full course is not live yet on any location. This can change depending on how restrictions have eased, the ability for people to train and not having restrictions on numbers.

Runs - 36.5 km total

Swims - 6.5 km total

Total Distance: 43 km

CLICK HERE to read more about Breca Gower Swimrun and to register.

Breca Coniston

DATE:  10th July 2021

VENUE:  The Lake District, England

The race takes place in 4 of the most beautiful lakes in the Lake District - Coniston Water, Windermere, Rydal Water and Grasmere with stunning scenery.  You will be fell running along tracks and paths in the valleys around the lakes.  The cold lake swims have rocky beach entries and exits.  Enjoy the post race party at Tweedies Bar in Grasmere!

breca swimrun
breca swimrun


Runs - 18 km total

Swims - 3 km total

Total Distance: 21 km


Runs - 38.7 km total

Swims - 6.5 km total

Total Distance: 45 km

CLICK HERE to read more about Breca Coniston and to register.

Below is the official 2019 video of the Breca Coniston Swimrun:

Breca Loch Lomond

DATE:  7th August 2021

VENUE:  Loch Lomond, Scotland

Breca Loch Lomond is Breca's first Swimrun in the Scottish highlands - a unique and magical location perfect for the sport of Swimrun.  It includes long forest trails and frequent swims in the Loch's clear, glacial water.


11 Runs - 19 km total

10 Swims - 5 km total

Total Distance: 24 km

BRECA LOCH LOMOND (not live yet)

16 Runs - 35 km total

15 Swims - 9 km total

Total Distance: 44 km

CLICK HERE for further details on Breca Loch Lomond Swimrun and to register.

Breca Jersey

DATE:  4th September 2021

VENUE:  Jersey, The Channel Islands

Set on the Channel Island of Jersey this Swimrun event starts in a castle, has the third highest tidal range in the world and takes in WW2 fortifications.  It is suited to strong swimmers with technical entries and exits and ocean swims with a high likelihood of swell.  The Sprint has the highest ratio of swim-to-run in the Breca events.

The race goes counter clockwise around the island and teams will face Jersey's 40ft tides! These present a unique challenge so teamwork is essential in this event.

breca swimrunBreca Jersey Swimrun
breca swimrun


Runs - 15.5 km total

Swims - 4.5 km total

Total Distance: 20 km


The full course is not running in 2021.

breca swimrun
breca swimrun

Watch the 2019 official race video of the Breca Jersey Swimrun below:

For more information on Breca Jersey and to register CLICK HERE

Breca Swimrun New Zealand Series

There are 2 events in the Breca New Zealand Series, one in the mountains of the South Island and the other in the tropical  islands of North Island.  Both are of course packed with adventure!

  • Breca Wanaka
  • Breca Bay of Islands

Breca Wanaka

DATE:  5th March 2022

VENUE:  South Island, New Zealand

This is New Zealand's original Swimrun set against the backdrop of the Mt. Aspiring National Park.  Expect deep glacial water and pristine trails while you are island-hopping and lake crossing!  This is truly a spectacular and challenging event.


6 Runs - 14 km total

5 Swims - 3.5 km total

Total Distance: 18 km


11 Runs - 37 km total

10 Swims - 7.5 km total

Total Distance: 45 km

We know the above distances don't quite add up but this is what is on the official Breca website!

breca swimrun
breca swimrun

See the 2018 Breka Wanaka Swimrun official race film:

CLICK HERE for further information and to register for the Breka Wanaka Swimrun.

Breca Bay of Islands

DATE:  17th April 2021

VENUE:  North Island, New Zealand

This event takes you island hopping across the Bay's white sandy beaches, turquoise waters and rocky coasts with a grand finish at Otehei Bay island resort.  This is a stunning Swimrun in an area of great beauty, wildlife and history.

breca swimrun

In 2021 only the Sprint race will be taking place with a team and solo option for entry.


Runs - 8.5 km total

Swims - 3.5 km total

Total Distance: 12 km

BRECA BAY OF ISLANDS (not taking place 2021)

Runs - 24 km total

Swims - 8 km total

Total Distance: 32 km

Watch the 2019 official race video below of the Breca Bay of Islands Swimrun:

CLICK HERE for more information and to register for the Breca Bay of Islands Swimrun.

For more information on the Breca team, latest news, the forum, the Breca Swimrun website can be found HERE

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