SwimRun Goggles

Most swimrunners looking for SwimRun goggles will choose standard open water swimming goggles. Of course, it’s important that any protective eyewear fit well, are comfortable on your face, and keep the water out! Open water swimming goggles are a little different to standard indoor pool swim goggles.

Open water goggles are larger than pool googles; the lenses are slightly bigger, to allow for better peripheral vision. Also, the rubber or silicone seals around the eyes are bigger and softer, making them more comfortable to wear for long periods of time, especially in salt water.

Additional points to look for are anti-fogging qualities, and also polarised lenses. Many goggle manufacturers say that their goggles are "anti-fog", but I have found this feature to be variable at best! The best trick when you have new goggles is to GENTLY clean around the insides of the lenses with a SMALL amount of toothpaste.

This seems to remove any oily layer left over from the production process, and helps prevent fogging. This is a trick used by many scuba divers. BUT it's important to be very gentle, as toothpaste is mildly abrasive, and you could scratch the lenses if you rub too hard.This last point is important in swims during summer and especially in lower latitudes.

SwimRun Goggles

The second point above, about getting polarized lenses, is very important if you plan to swim in any kind of sunshine. There are 2 issues at stake here.

SwimRun gogglesSwimRun Goggles

I do all my training off the Costa Blanca in south-east Spain, and I can tell you my polarized goggles reduce my eye strain on bright days! I can continue to sight the exit marks onshore even in the brightest sunlight, without getting tired eyes. 

ALSO, it’s MUCH easier to actually SEE your destination with polarized lenses, whether it’s a buoy or a shoreline marker. The clarity of vision is just so much better.

My favorites are Zoggs Predators, as pictured above.

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