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By Richard Mitchell and Mogsy Ford

Updated May 2024

Our Swimrun Latest News page lists all the updates and news in the world of Swimrun. Find out everything that's happening, and send us your news! We add items of interest in monthly sections, starting with the latest news first.

April 2024

We get a mention in The Guardian!

In a recent article in the British Guardian newspaper about '10 of the best European activity breaks with a spirit of adventure', this website is referred to as a source of information for swimrun training camps.

Check out the article, and read about the other activies with a spirit of adventure at the Guardian.

Swimrun Intro camps near Munich, Germany - SEVEN dates!

Eversports in Karlsfeld, just north of Munich, Germany, have announced SEVEN dates for their 4-hour introduction and training camps, run by Martina Boliváry, endurance athlete, Ötillö Finisher and a MySwimrunChampionships champion!

Check out the dates at our training camps 2024 page.

Swimrun Monaco

The Monaco team have announced an event on Sunday 14th April, at Chateaux de la Napoule.  This is an intermediate level event with a total distance of 17km. If your are interested, contact Swimrun Monaco by email; swimrun@monaco.mc

My local swimrun event

Tell us about your local swimrun event! If you have a race that is close to home and you think it deserves more attention, get in touch with us at our 'local swimrun event' page!

Swimrun Ranking

Gary and the team at Gritty Rascals (U.K.) have announced a new Swimrun Ranking system for the U.K., run by British Swimrun, a not-for-profit-organisation that aims to promote and support swimrun in the British Isles. Read Gary's press release statement at our Swimrun Ranking Systems page!

British Swimrun Logo

March 2024

We have moved!  After almost 15 years living on the Costa Blanca in Spain (With a year out in New Zealand during covid), we have moved to the beautiful Mediterranean island of Gozo, which is part of Malta.

Our nearest Swimrun event is here in Malta, on the tiny island of Comino, which lies between Malta and Gozo. It is run by XTerra, and will take place in September. Check out our new page on the Comino event!

See you there!

January 2024

Keen As Mustard Swimrun has set a date for their training day this year - 1st June 2024. There will be 2 sessions, morning and afternoon. For more information go to our Swimrun Training Camps 2024 page!

Envol has announced its first swimrun training camp in the USA, to be held in Austin, Texas on February 9 to 11. Envol coach Nicolas Remires will be giving advice and coaching on swimming, running, swimrun combo, and strength training.

More information at our Swimrun Training Camps 2024 page!

Canaqua Sports is excited to announce that it has signed a sponsorship deal with Sumarpo Wetsuits, a California-based wetsuit and accessories company. Sumarpo takes pride in crafting eco-conscious wetsuits and swim accessories for open water swims, swimruns, and triathlons.

Sumarpo's commitment to sustainability aligns seamlessly with Canaqua Sports' dedication to reducing carbon footprints at their events and emphasizing the use of eco-friendly products. Swim Drink Fish is also on board for this collaboration!

A young man wearing a Sumarpo wetsuit walking out of the sea

December 2023

Kuopio Swimrun - 13th July 2024 - Kill the Hills - Like the Lakes!

The following is an "invitation letter" from Sampo Hyppölä, Swimrun athlete and the race director of Kuopio Swimrun in Finland.

Hi swimrunners and welcome to Finland - the land of a thousand lakes!

Kuopio Swimrun is a unique swimrun adventure through the wild Finnish nature. The terrain consists of narrow forest trails on the Neulamäki Nature Reserve and various lengths of swims around the Lake Kallavesi Archipelago. The water temperature is around 20 °C.

Kuopio WildernessA piece of peace of wilderness

Courses to choose from:

Short 15 km - Showing the greatest parts of the race for everyone! (2 - 4 hours)

Long 25 km - Introducing all the hills of the Kuopio Swimrun (3 - 6 hours)

Ultimate 53 km - Offering the complete swimrun challenge of the Lake Kallavesi Archipelago (7 - 10 hours)

Sign up here (-20 % Early bird!)

You can enjoy the utter peace of the wilderness and the hospitality of the local volunteers along the whole race. The long hills and the technical trails challenge your entire body and that's why we have a rich energy serving along the course. The lake swims will be assisted by kayaks and rowing boats. The most traditional way to "Finnish" the tough swimrun day is to enjoy the evening at Luoto -  Finnish Sauna World, located right in the heart of Lake Kallavesi 🤩🤩🤩

Luoto KuopioLuoto Experiences by the Water

"Kuopio Swimrun is a fantastic race with beautiful views! It is easy to get to, well organized and has a friendly atmosphere. It is a perfect event for first timers. Even though I had never done a swimrun before, everything went very smoothly, and I had such a great time."
Jessica from Canada  

I've been visiting swimrun races all around Europe and Kuopio Swimrun is undoubtedly an experience worth receiving! I'll be here to grant you the best!

Warmly welcome to Kuopio Swimrun 2024!

Sampo Hyppölä

Swimrun athlete and the race director of Kuopio Swimrun

Mudskipper swimrun goes to the U.K.!

The Canadian swimrun organiser (in association with Canaqua) has announced that they will be holding their first race in the U.K. in 2024, in Norfolk. Distances and details to follow.

Mudskipper swimrun

November 2023

There is a New Year's Eve swimrun in Monaco this year (2023), from Ecole Bleu in Monaco to La Grotte de Roquebrune/Cap Martin. More details about this event at the Facebook page.

We have learned that the Swimrun Isles of Scilly (UK) is under new management for 2024, after being cancelled by Ötillö in 2023. The provisional dates are;

Thursday 22 August 2024. The tide race. A half marathon covering Tresco and Bryher’s coast path including the ‘dry’ channel in between.
Thursday 29 August 2024. A guided Swimrun taster session for all.
Friday 30th August 2024. An 8 and 16km swimrun race.
Saturday 31st August. A junior swimrun for 0-teenagers.
Sunday 1st September. A long 38 km swimrun covering a lot of different islands on Scilly.
More info, Booking and prices will be out soon.

October 2023

Swimrun Training Camps 20204

We have started to compile our Swimrun Training Camp calendar for 2024;  so far, WolffWear are the only company to announce dates for 2024. If you konw of a training event or camp for swimrunners, PLEASE let us know! Just use the Contact Us link!  Thank you.

Swimrun Val de Vienne

Swimrun Val de Vienne

A new event for 2024 in France!  

Date : 15th June 2024

Location : La chapelle-Moulière, Vienne, France (86210 zip code)

3 Distances : S with 5km run and 1km swim, M with 16km run and 3.5km swim, and L with 28km run and 6.5km swim.

The swim will be in the river and the run on both single tracks and roads.

First start at 11 am.

For the weather, it will be approximatively : 20-30 degrees for air, and 18-24 for swim!


2 swimrunners with legend Rockman at Swimrun NorwayPhoto Credit Rockman Swimrun


Rockman swimrun (Norway) has announced the 10th anniversary date for its epic event - 13th July 2024. It will follow the original course from Refsvatnet to the Eagle's Nest. Join in the 2024 race - "Birth of a Legend".


Race registration opens 1st November 2023.


Wales-based adventure sports company Weswimrun has announced a new event for 2023 - a 60km (that's sixty km) swimrun race, the Dyfi X ULTRA. This in addition to the 2 existing events that they run, the Tal Y Llyn (12 km) and the standard Dyfi X (17km). You can read all about Weswimrun at our new page!

September 2023

Swimrun Australia has announced 2 new events in addition to the original Sydney East race. They have added  Sydney North and  Gold Coast events to their calendar! Check it out at our Swimrun Australia page.

August 24th 2023

Ötillö has just made a public announcement, as follows:

"Pfäffikon, Switzerland, August 24th 2023

Swimrun AG, the Swiss-based owners of ÖTILLÖ, The Swimrun World Championship, and the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Series, acquires a majority stake of Swimrun USA Inc., the leading organizer of Swimrun races in the US. All Ödyssey races will become part of the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Series in 2024, offering full World Series ranking points for the qualification for ÖTILLÖ, The Swimrun World Championship.
Ödyssey owners, Lars Finanger, Aaron Palaian and Brent Molsberry, will continue to manage the US events. Finanger will be President and Palaian the Head of Operations of the newly established Swimrun USA Inc.. Finanger will also become a partner in Swimrun AG, which underlines his commitment to grow ÖTILLÖ world-wide.

For 2024, five ÖTILLÖ races in the US and five in Europe are confirmed. New events are already in preparation in both the US and Europe. The full event calendar will be released in autumn this year.

This step underlines the commitment of the new management team behind ÖTILLÖ, to further grow the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Series internationally, after taking over the day-to-day management at the beginning of 2023..

Christian Pirzer, Chairman of Swimrun AG"

August 1st 2023

The much-anticipated return of Breca Swimrun has hit the rocks, as Jonathan Littlewood has announced the cancellation of the Liverpool race, and withdrawn from Breca in order to concentrate on swimrun.com

June 2023

We have a NEW swimrun event in the U.S.A, at Cape Cod, MA.  It's on September 16, and this year has 2 distances - Short and Super Short. A Long distance will be added in 2024.

Click here to go directly to the Cape Cod Swimrun website.

June 2023

On Saturday 17th June there is a swimrun introduction and coaching session at Longside Lake Watersports near Egham in Surrey, U.K.. Come along and try out some new gear, and have some coaching with seasoned swimrunners and coaches Jude Palmer and Paul Mackenzie.

May 2023

The Hokey Cokey Charleston swimrun event in the U.K.  on 27th May has medals that are in the shape of a swim paddle! Check it out!

The Swimrun Urban Challenge Frankfurt event, due to be held on 14th May 2023, has been cancelled. Permanently. This event will not be held again in the future.

April 2023

Swimliverpool Swimrun Intro and workshop event, to be held on April 22nd at Princes Dock, Liverpool. This is a 2-hour introduction to all aspects of swimrun, followed by a sauna!

Read more about this, and register at our Swimrun Training Events page.

Swimrun Workshop Liverpool

After the sad collapse of Breca, we are very pleased to see the return of the Coniston swimrun event in the Lake District, UK, on the 24th September 2023. It's being hosted by Gritty Rascals events. There are 2 distances - 21 km (open to solo competitors and teams), and 45 km (teams only).

The Swimrun Serenissima Venezia in Venice, Italy, is now scheduled for Sunday 25th June. This event gives the athletes the unique chance to swim in the Darsena of the Yacht Club Venezia and to run with a view of St. Mark's Basin and the Lido di Venezia. It involves 8 km of running and 2.2 km of swimming in total. It is proceeded by a couple of swimming events, and a fashion show and picnic on the Saturday 24th June.

A swimrunner wearing a red top running out of the water at Swimrun Venice Serenissima VeneziaSerenissima Venezia

March 25 2023

If you are interested in Swimrun rankings, then take a look at our latest page about ranking systems.  Starting in 2014, TSR has maintained rankings for 8 seasons, but is taking a break in 2023.

However, there are TWO other ranking systems that you may be interested in! Check them out at our page called Swimrun Ranking Systems.

March 22 2023

Check out this awesome car licence plate, sent in by Aaron Palaian! He only wanted to remember his car plate number, but ended up promoting the sport as a bonus!

March 16 2023

There are SEVEN events being run this year  by Swimrun Portugal Series, in places like the Algarve, the Azores and Madeira. Take a look at our new Swimrun Portugal Events page to find out more!

March 9 2023

Swimrun founders Ötillö will NOT be holding the following events in 2023;

  • 1000 Lakes, Germany
  • Isles of Scilly, U.K.
  • Catalina Island, U.S.A.

March 2023

We now have four wetsuits for sale on our equipment exchange page, and Richard is still looking for a used swimrun watch! Take a look if you are considering a new or used wetsuit, or want to list something yourself.

Here's one for the ladies! There is a women-only swimrun training camp from 23 March to 26 March on the beautiful Spanish island of Mallorca. It is run by WILD Swimrun, and is a fully-inclusive 3 day camp, staying at the 3-star Bluewater Hotel.

Get the details at the WILD website HERE!

WILD swimrun camp Mallorca 2023WILD Swimrun Mallorca - ladies only!

February 2023

The founders of Swrimrun, Michael Lemmel and Mats Skott, have moved on from their roles at Ötillö; the new Race Director is Staffan Bjorklund, winner of the 2015 World Championship.

We wish Staffan well in his new role, and look forward to seeing new races and courses at the Ötillö events!

Swimrun Latest News

January 2023

We have just heard that ODYSSEY has cancelled their race due to be held on March 5th at Dunes Lakes, Fla..


The event previously known as the 'island to island' event in Finland, run by Brunskär, has been renamed, and is now called the 'skär till skär' race. It will take place on the 12th August 2023 over a distance of 9.2km. You can read more about Brunskär at their website.

October 2022

Our new 2023 event calendars for Europe and USA/world have been posted! Check out the events near you!

September 2022

Ötillö have just released a 42-minute documentary about the Swimrun World Championship 2022. Here is the press release from Ötillö;

"Is it possible for veteran swimrunner Nicolas Remires to get super athlete Katie Knight ready for her first Swimrun ever in just one day?

When both their teammates get sick just before the race, former ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Champions Ulrika Eriksson and Helena Sivertsson team up. Will they still be able to win?

Marcus Barton and Kawika Tarayao from the US have been training in Sweden for weeks before the race. They have set an ambitious goal for themselves – will they make it or break it?

Evelina Järvinen and Therese Bergling surprised both themselves and everyone else when they won the Silver Medal during ÖTILLÖ, The Swimrun World Championship last year. Was it just a lucky day or can they do it again?

Happy swimrunners Amy Bush and Trista Mennen earned their spot through Merit Points and are now faced with their biggest challenge ever. Will they be able to finish the race, or will the cut-offs stop their dream early?"

Watch the documentary below!

It is a story among many stories and a glimpse into what ÖTILLÖ, The Swimrun World Championship and swimrun is all about.

August 2022

Alert!  The Blue Sky Endurance event in 2022 is NOT virtual - it is LIVE!  And it will take place on September 11.  Book now - go to our page HERE!

20 July 2022

Swimrun Jersey - 3 Sept 2022

The Swimrun in Jersey is going ahead on 3rd September 2022 with 3d-events.co.uk taking over the organisation from Breca.

CLICK HERE for more information and to enter!

29 May 2022

Ötillö has announced that future Üto events will be held in the slightly warmer time of mid-June, as the last one suffered from exceptionally cold temperatures.

On the 9th July the Engadin event will have new courses that allows all starts and finishes to be at the same location, giving the Start/Finish area an extra buzz!

14 May 2022

Swimrun XTerra Tahiti!

swimrunners on a beachSwimrunning in the French Polynesia!

We have just discovered there is an amazing Swimrun event in Moorea, Tahiti on 12 June 2022.  There are 2 distances - 12.5 km and 35 km.

CLICK HERE for more information on these Swimrun races in the dream destination of French Polynesia!

26 February 2022

As Keen As Mustard Swimrun Discount!

Epic Discount Code for As Keen As Mustard Swimrun Events in 2022!


CLICK HERE TO REGISTER and when you enter use the code ** EXCLUSIVE_30 **

For a limited time only, so hurry, get those entries in, offer ends Weds 2nd March.

4 February 2022

Here is the latest announcement from Breca SwimRun about their New Zealand events.  It's not good news, I'm afraid. Both the Wanaka event and the Bay  of Islands events have been cancelled.

19 January 2022

Odyssey Registrations now OPEN!

Odyssey 2022 race registrations are now open!  Kickoff prices last until Feb 1st. Register now and save big!

CLICK HERE to go to the Odyssey Home Page.

16 January 2022

Speedo Wetsuits on Sale!

Just to let you know that SportsShoes.com are currently selling SPEEDO FASTSKIN SWIMRUN WETSUITS at a cut price. They seem to have all sizes.

Click here to go to their website.

22 December 2021

3 Islands Challenge Malta - New Event!

There is an exciting new SwimRun taking place in Malta on 2 October 2022 - the 3 Islands Challenge.  This SwimRun takes you on a journey; a 20 KM trail and open water combo to #BeatTheChannel in style, the Channel being the 5km Gozo Channel!

For more information and to register CLICK HERE

5 December 2021

The Löw  Tide Böyz

The Löw Tide Böyz have just uploaded their 100th podcast on Swimrun! You can check out our new page on these 2 guys from Northern California at our page Low Tide Boyz page.

3 November 2021

SwimRun makes its way into Science!

An article has been written in sciencedirect.com stating:

"Research on the demands of swimrun is scarce. More research is needed to improve athlete safety during events. Also, research is needed to provide insight into enhance training methods and performance."

Read more here.....

1 November 2021

Hong Kong Island SwimRun

The Hong Kong Island SwimRun is to be held on 21 November 2021.  CLICK here to register for this event!

21 October 2021

SwimRun Training Camp - Greece

The Big Blue Swim (10 year old Swimming Adventure Holiday Company specialising in Greece with their own beautiful support boat Mowgli) are running a Swimrun Training Camp (The Meganisi Splash) in Greece in 2022 with Jack Maitland (Olympic coach).

Click here for more details.

29 September 2021


Otillo have announced:

"Unfortunately due to the uncertainties connected to the travel ban from Europe to the US we have been forced to move ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Catalina to March 19 & 20, 2022.  As we are responsible for moving the race we will move your entry automatically to the new dates. If it is not possible for you to participate during the new dates we will give you a 95% refund if you request it before November 1st, 2021."

The event was due to be held on November 20 & 21 2021.  If you are entered in the race, contact Otillo direct if you need a refund.

23 September 2021

SwimRun Fuerteventura - New Date!

SwimRun Series Canarias have announced a last minute change of date from this weekend, the 25 September to the 9 October.  On their website this is due to the COVID rates on the island.  They have chosen 9 October as the tides are best for the event on that date.

All participants can have a refund if they cannot attend the new date.

Read more here....

17 September 2021

Aquaticrunner, Italy - 2021 Results

Aquaticrunner starting from Grado at 6:50 am, and arriving in Lignano Sabbiadoro (North East of Italy), is a competition of SwimRun, swim and run between sea and islands. 17 swim / run transactions, for a total of 4.75 km of swimming and 24.7 km of running.

The first edition was held in 2014, and that was also the first swimrun race in the world using the solo/individual formula.


The winners are Ignasi Gironès Pujadas and Dacil Hernandez

Read more here....

14 September 2021

Otillo World Champs Film now online!

The Otillo official World Championships video is now online and can be seen HERE

There were 2 new course records in Men and Mixed, and 150 teams finished the race on 6th September 2021.

Congratulations to the new Swimrun World Champions: Oscar Olsson & Adriel Young, Desirée Andersson & Victor Dahl, Kristin Larsson & Helena Sivertsson.

26 August 2021

Swimrun Loch Lomond - CANCELLED

Swimrun Loch Lomond Inch by Inch, due to take place this Sunday 29 August has been cancelled.

The organisers have made the difficult decision to cancel at short notice due to a few setbacks including not receiving a Covid grant they were promised.

All entrants will receive a full refund.

5 August 2021

UK National Swimrun Champs

Breca have announced:

"We are delighted to announce Jersey as the designated host of the 2021 UK National Swimrun Championship!

Jersey will welcome 120 of the top swimrun athletes from the UK, joining the existing field of competitors on 4 September.

Breca is inviting all top 5 finishers in each category (team & solo) from UK mainland races to receive free race entries."

6 July 2021

ÖTILLÖ Swimrun 1000 Lakes 2021 – Cancelled

Otillo have announced the 2021 race weekend is cancelled.

"Germany has general elections on that weekend and the City of Rheinsberg has just informed us that they cannot get enough volunteers to support the races. Without that support it will be impossible to put on the events.

We will refund 95% of the entry fee to those racers that are booked or move you to another race."

Read more here.....

8 June 2021

Free Swim Buoy for Korrigeri Entrants!

orange swim buoy in the sea

A great offer from Korrigeri Swimrun in Biarritz, France. Each competitor will find in their race bag a great swim buoy for all open water sessions.  An essential accessory for safe workouts.

The race is on Sunday, September 5th

28 May 2021

Otillo Races to go ahead in Sweden!

The Swedish Government just announced that 900 persons will be allowed in events after July 1st!

ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Gothenburg, Final 15k and World Champs now in the clear without restrictions.

Sign up here

26 May 2021

Breca Sale for all UK Events!

There is currently a flash sale on for all Breca UK 2021 races (Coniston, Gower, Loch Lomond & Jersey). To take advantage of the sale, just head to to the Breca event pages and the discount is automatically applied. This offer will expire on the 31st May 2021.

25 May 2021

Introduction to Swimrun

Saturday 3rd July, 9.30-12.30 at Llyn Padarn, Wales, UK.  Organised by loveswimrun.co.uk.

This is a 3 hour course with a land based session covering Swimrun wetsuits and gear, training safely in open water, use of hand paddles, pull buoys and tow systems, running in your wetsuit, shoes for Swimrun, transition training and race strategy, swimrunning as a solo or in a team, race hydration and nutrition and environmental considerations.

10 April 2021

Breca Swimrun - No full distance races

Breca Swimrun are sad to announce that no full distance races will run in 2021.

19 March 2021

Love SwimRun Llanberis Date Change

Love SwimRun had announced that their Llanberis event in North Wales, UK will move to 2 October 2021 due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation.  

6 March 2021

Otillo Race Calendar Changes!

Otillo were going to launch the 2021 season on Malta. This will not be possible due to the Covid-19 situation. The race has been moved to November 6 - 7, 2021.

On June 19 - 20 they were to host the Isles of Scilly weekend. Due to the Covid-19 situation and the uncertainty of international travel to the UK they are forced to postpone this years event. The 2022 race date will be June 4 -5.

Read more on the Otillo website HERE....

24 February 2021

Odyssey Zoom Meeting - 5th March!

on 5th March Odyssey, USA race organizers, are holding the first in a series of free Zoom Meetings to discuss the sport of SwimRun and specific events in their 2021 Calendar.  In this meeting they will introduce themselves, talk about their plans for the coming season and hold a general athlete Q&A session.

The session will be recorded and uploaded to their YouTube channel if you can't make it!

CLICK HERE for more information and for the link to join the meeting.

16 February 2021

UK Training & Kit Testing Event - May 16th 2021

Join As Keen As Mustard Events for their training and kit testing sessions at Sibson Marina.

A chance to train, test your kit, test new kit and chat.

There is a training course set up and an area for testing new and trying out your own kit. The Keen As Mustard Team are on hand to help with any questions and John from Fenland Runner will be there with all the best kit on offer from HEAD to try from hand paddles to wetsuits plus Oriocx swimrun shoes, nutrition and much more!

This sounds a great event to get you ready for the upcoming season!


10 February 2021

ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Gothenburg! New location!

On Saturday August 7th, 2021 the City of Gothenburg will provide the scene for ÖTILLÖ, the origin of the sport of Swimrun.

The Southern Archipelago of Styrsö, Vrångö, Donsö, Brännö and Köpstadsö is a mere 15 minutes from the mainland and part of the City of Gothenburg. It has a history since the stone age and a geography that is spectacular. This new location sounds amazing!

The Experience is 7,5 km, the Sprint is 19 km and the World Series is 35 km.

Read the official Press Release HERE

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