Marathon Race Reviews


These are our personal marathon race reviews. That means these are marathons that we have personally completed.

BUT why write about marathons on a SwimRun website? We think the answer is simple. For longer SwimRun events, say over 5 hours, we believe that the mental and physical endurance developed as a result of training for a marathon is a massive benefit.

Here is a list of the marathons that we have personally completed, either individually (Mogsy), and as a couple.

New York marathon, New York.

London marathon, England.

Disney marathon, Florida.

Honolulu marathon, Hawai'i.

Seville marathon, Spain.

Vienna marathon, Austria.

Stockholm marathon, Sweden.

Barcelona marathon, Spain.

Big Sur marathon, California.

WomenCan marathon, Devon, U.K.

Milan Marathon, Italy.

This was another city marathon, flat and fast, with a varied course through the city of Milan. Read about our experience HERE.