Odyssey SwimRun

Odyssey SwimRun is America's original SwimRun.  As stated on their website:

“Swimrun is the fastest growing sport in the world. You participate in teams of two, alternating between trail running and open water swimming along a marked course.”

Inspired by the international ÖTILLÖ, ”Island to Island” races, the Odyssey races follow the same rules and guidelines, with teams racing the entire course together. 

Odyssey SwimRun

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The usual swim aids are allowed - hand paddles, pull buoys, wetsuits - and any hydration and race fuel must be carried throughout the race.  It can make a real difference having the right team mate and equipment as you can find out reading other pages on this site!

Odyssey SwimRun are entering their fourth year and are once again presenting the only island-to-island style race in North America.  In some of the races there is also now the option to enter a solo event.

World SwimRun Rankings

If you compete in the "long distance" race at an event, you will score points in the TSR Global Ranking System.  You can check out your World SwimRun ranking at the TSR site HERE.

The Races

There are currently 4 races in the Odyssey SwimRun Series, running from August through to November.

Races are held in:

  • Casco Bay Islands
  • Les Cheneaux Islands
  • Orcas Island
  • Austin

Casco Bay SwimRun

This is the first event of the Series.

DATE:   Sunday, August 09 2020

VENUE:   Casco Bay Islands, Maine

The Casco Bay Swimrun is also known as the Cole Classic in memory of co-founder Jeff Cole.  This is America's original Swimrun event.  Odyssey Swimrun (formerly Swimrun USA) brought this exciting sport to the states.

2020 is the event's 4th year and the organizers say is set to be the best!  The east coast is stunning with a course full of amazing bay views and historic buildings and forts.

Be prepared for a variety of terrain from trails, grass, pavement and slippery boulders when the tide is low, together with cool, crisp salt waters!  Currents can be strong with choppy water and sea swells.

Jeff Cole - Swimrun USA & co-founder

From the organizers - about Jeff Cole:

"A husband, a father, a sportsman, an event organizer and a leader, Jeff Cole cared deeply about each and every person he had contact with. He grew up on the water and worked as a lifeguard and was a volunteer fireman at the Kennebunk Fire Dept for over 20 years, founded and produced multisport races – from the Fireman’s Tri in Kennebunkport to White Mountains Tri in Franconia, New Hampshire.

He served on the Board of Directors for numerous businesses, schools, and sporting organizations and yet spent a few weeks each year living off the grid completely self-sufficient. Jeff was an independent thinker but also a consensus builder. He never asked anyone to do something he was not prepared to do himself.

He is fiercely missed but his legacy lives on through his wife Kim, daughter Rachel, son Ben, his friends and through the SwimRun USA events he pioneered."

Cole Classic Award

Every year the Cole Classic Award is given to the athlete or team showing exemplary actions showcasing the spirit of Swimrun!

Click below to watch the official Race Video 2019 for the Odyssey SwimRun Casco Bay Islands:


Swim: 11 legs: 4 miles

Run: 12 legs: 17 miles

Total Distance: 21 miles


Swim: 5 legs: 2 miles

Run: 6 legs: 9 miles

Total Distance: 11 miles

For more information and to register for the Casco Bay SwimRun click here.

Les Cheneaux SwimRun (Cedarville)

"Michigan's Hidden Gem!"

DATE:  Sunday, August 23 2020

VENUE:  Les Cheneaux Islands, Cedarville, Michigan

This event takes place on the northern shores of Lake Huron.  It's an ideal course for beginners being mostly flat but with a few challenging large hills, so also good for the experienced swimrunner.  The lake is crystal clear with the bottom being visible in some places and the terrain is single track trail, gravel dirt and some pavement.

This is one of the most beautiful Swimruns in the country and we must admit it is one we fancy doing if we are going to do a Swimrun in the USA - watch this space!!!

Click below to watch the official Les Cheneaux Race Video 2019:


Swim: 7 legs: 4.25 miles

Run: 7 legs: 12.25 miles

Total Distance: 16.5 miles


Swim: 4 legs: 2.5 miles

Run: 4 legs: 9 miles

Total Distance: 11.5 miles

For more information and to register for the Odyssey Les Cheneaux SwimRun click here.

Orcas Island SwimRun

DATE:  Sunday, September 27 2020

VENUE:  Orcas Island, San Juan Islands, Washington State

A unique and beautiful course in the San Juan chain of islands in Northwest Washington State.  Look out for big climbs and descents and single tracks running through thick forests.  The course includes crystal clear inland waters as well as a picturesque ocean cove.  Certainly a race to 'get back to nature'!

Click below to watch the Official Race Video of the Odyssey Orcas Island Swimrun:


Swim: 11 legs: 3 miles

Run: 12 legs: 19 miles

Total Distance: 22 miles


Swim: 5 legs: 1.5 miles

Run: 6 legs: 8.5 miles

Total Distance: 10 miles

For more information and to register for the Odyssey Orcas Island SwimRun click here.

Austin SwimRun

"Welcome to Texas Hill Country!"

DATE:  Sunday, 8 November 2020

VENUE:  Pace Bend Park, Spicewood, Texas (Austin City Limits)

Further details of this event are to be announced by the organizers soon!


Swim: legs & miles to be confirmed

Run: legs & miles to be confirmed

Total Distance: 17.5 miles


Swim: legs & miles to be confirmed

Run: legs & miles to be confirmed

Total Distance: 10 miles

For more information and to register for the Odyssey Austin SwimRun click here.

Click here to go the Odyssey SwimRun series home page.

Odyssey Swimrun Sponsors

The sponsors for the Odyssey Swimrun Series are listed below:

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