SwimRun Isles of Scilly

Located almost 30 miles offshore, in the extreme South-West of the United Kingdom, the Swimrun Isles of Scilly  event is the ONLY Ötillö race in the U.K.  The islands have a mixed climate, with tropical palm trees and beaches, and a sub-tropical feel in summer, while being set 30 miles out into the Atlantic Ocean off Land's End. Held near the beginning of June each year, the weather can be unpredictable.

Swimrun Isles of Scilly - beach exitSwimrun Isles of Scilly - beach exit

We are doing this race in 2019 for charity in memory of Mogsy's daughter's fiancee Jay who tragically died aged 28 from a heart condition he was unaware of, whilst out for a run on his first Fathers Day. He left his little 8 month old son - Mogsy's grandson Remy.  Read more about our challenge here - any support/donation would be much appreciated for a very worthy cause - raising awareness, helping young hearts and funding new defibrillators - thank you!

 We are also logging all our training for this evernt - Check our training blog HERE!

This setting contributes to the difficulty of the swimrun race here, with strong currents through the islands, and almost 5 meters of tide. This is no place for the faint-hearted swimmer! The run legs offer stunning views of  white beaches, summer flowers in full bloom, and tricky ascents up coastal cliff paths, combined with some beach running, and rocky entry and exit points. Ötillö directors Michael Lemmel and Mats Skott have definitely found a unique venue for the U.K. leg of their World Series events!

There are 3 - (THREE) - distances at the Isles of Scilly.

The main event is the World Series race, 37km (25 miles) which is made up of 8km (5 miles) of swimming, and 29km (18 miles) of running. These disciplines are divided up into 8 swim legs and 9 running legs. The longest swim is a brutal 2.5km (1.5 miles), while the longest run is a more manageable 7.7km (about 5 miles). The winning time is expected around 5 hours, and the final finishers must be over the line within 8 hours of the starting gun.

Swimrun Isles of ScillySwimrun Isles of Scilly - through the gardens!

Swimrun Isles of Scilly

The "middle distance" event is the Sprint race, which is made up of 3km of swimming, and 12km of running, divided up into 8 swim legs and 9 run legs. The longest swim is just 1000 meters (a bit over half a mile), and the longest run leg is 2.7km (about 1.5 miles).

In a recent development, Ötillö have now introduced the possibility of taking part as an individual, for those people whose partner may have had to drop out, or those who just want to try the sport on their own. Of course, swimrun is traditionally a team event, with teams made up of 2 people. (2 men, or 2 women, or 1 man and 1 woman). The individual option is NOT available in the full-distance World Series race.

The shortest distance available at the Isles of Scilly is the "Experience" event, for those people who want to try the new sport of swimrun, but at a much shorter distance than the 37km+ of the full World Series race. The Experience race is just 950 meters of swimming (over 3 swim legs) and 6.9km (4 miles+) of trail running, over 4 run legs.

There is also the possibility to take part as an individual (ie. solo) in the Experience race.

Here is the official Ötillö video of the Swimrun Isles of Scilly race;

The video gives you some idea of the amazing course at the Swimrun Isles of Scilly!

Here is the official map for the long-distance World Series race;

Here is a link to the official Ötillö website.

We have entered the 2019 race, and will be starting our race training and build-up mid-December! Follow our progress at our training blog HERE.