SwimRun Socks

By Richard Mitchell and Mogsy Ford

Updated May 2024

The 6 best swimrun socks.

Swimrun socks are very important in SwimRun as you will be running in wet trail shoes, and the skin of your feet will be wet, and therefore softer.  So this all makes the risk of rubbing and blisters quite high.  It is essential to have socks that don't move when they are wet.

Swimrun Socks on a RockChoosing the best sock for you is very important!


The Garmin Swim 2 is an excellent watch for Swimrun!

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We have been reviewing some of the socks on the market that are suitable for the sport of SwimRun and the best 6 options we have found are below.

We would welcome your views and recommendations for SwimRun socks so do please contact us here if you have other options and we'll add them to the page! 

Swimrun Socks

Monkey Sox

Monkey Sox are well-regarded by the swimrun community. They have both calf-length socks and ankle socks. The most popular model for swimrun is the Victory X1 compression sock, which is a calf-length sock. Women's Running magazine voted them "Best in Test".

The Victory X1 has graduated compression, with higher compression around the ankle and slightly lower compression around the calf. The toe area is constructed without any seams, resulting in less chance of painful chafing when wet. The Monkey Sox website states they are 90% polyamide and 15% elastane - which seems to add up to 105%!

You can see the full range of Monkey Sox at their website.

Woman runner wearing green and blue Monkey Sox Victory X1 running socksMonkey Sox Victory X1 compression socks. Image credit: Women's Running magazine

Gococo Socks

Gococo are the socks that we use ourselves, and we highly recommend them.  They are a Swedish make of sock and are very popular in Europe and Otillo events.

They use a revolutionary yarn and knitting method that allows the socks to dry really quickly, and is also smooth on the skin, reducing friction and blister risk.

They offer a general sports sock, long compression socks, compression sleeves and wool socks.

long black and red compression socksGococo long compression socks

The compression socks provide comfortable pressure over the calf, increase blood circulation and stabilize the calf muscle.

Wool Socks

short blue and grey gococo socksGococo Outdoor Wool Sock

Gococo have wool socks which insulate well in colder water.  Michael Lemmel, Ötillö Race Director, uses a good wool sock as mentioned in his social media post on the SwimRun UK Forum.

Socks with wool can also absorb a lot of moisture without feeling wet or heavy and because of wool's ability to regulate heat, there is less risk of chafing and blisters.  Gococo use merino wool, a finer quality of wool making the socks soft and comfortable and no itching!  Do you sometimes find a wool jumper can be a bit itchy?  This isn't so with merino wool socks.

Some runners have advised that with merino wool for a sock, make sure it's a merino wool blend and not 100% wool, as 100% wool socks for running can tend to thin quite quickly.

Gococo also have a compression wool sock which we feel is a great option!  It suits swimming in colder water to help keep feet a comfortable temperature and warmer despite the wetness.  When we took part in Otillo SwimRun Engadin the Gococo socks were essential as the water temperature was very cold!

You can read more about the full Gococo range on their official website HERE.

Swimrun Socks

Injinji Socks

Injinji have created toesocks that are anatomically designed to your foot, allowing your toes to splay out naturally and align to enable more stability and comfort when you run.

These are of course great with the Vibram Five Finger shoes but can also be worn with regular shoes.  It is of course up to the individual.

Injinji have a merino wool option - the NuWool range.  These are popular as they keep your feet warm. They come in a variety of colors too!

The Outdoor Midweight Mini Crew NuWool socks allow for better sweat wicking and no skin on skin friction prevents blisters forming.  It has a cushioned footbed and a mesh top which would be quick drying in SwimRun training and events.

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Injinji have a compression sock too with the five toe patented design.  The Injinji OTC Ultra Compression sock graduates compression from ankle to shin and the compression shortens recovery time after training, and helps prevent muscle soreness.

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Swimrun Socks

Compressport Trail Socks

Compressport's PRS V3 Run High socks are great for SwimRun offering maximum support for your feet, optimal moisture management so more comfortable during your race.

There's a 360 degree slight compression band around the arch support that stops the socks turning or sliding around in your shoes. One reviewer commented "Compressport trail socks, don't move when wet and fab for SwimRun!"

The socks also include striped, vented zones and their fast-drying fibers mean they dry very quickly.  Also, being seamless and elastic-free adds to the comfort of this sock. They even have additional protection for your big toe!

Compressport also have a 'low' version of the sock if you prefer that style.

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Royal Bay Socks

Royal Bay produce high quality medical grade compression goods including socks.  The brand's philosophy is "to provide high quality compression socks for the athlete to improve their performance, by increasing oxygen availability and postponing the formation of lactic acid." They also aim to enhance your recovery.

It's your own personal preference we think to run in strong compression socks.  Richard, for example, finds them too tight and uncomfortable during the run, preferring the Gococo socks with a bit less compression.

One reader commented "I've used both Gococo and Royal Bay in compression long socks.  I like them equally but for cooler water I prefer the Gococo".

We are still reviewing this sock and the best purchase options - they are an EU based company.

Swimrun Socks

Smartwool Socks

blue smartwool socks
grey smartwool socks

The Smartwool PhD® Run Light Elite Pattern Crew socks feature:

  • Indestructawool™ technology for enhanced durability
  • Body-mapped mesh zones for added breathability
  • Virtually Seamless™ toe for enhanced comfort
  • 7.5" overall height
  • 52% Merino Wool 45% Nylon 3% Elastane, so a Merino wool mix which has all the advantages mentioned in the Gococo review above
  • Made in USA or imported

Smartwool’s whole brand was built on the desire to be comfortable on outdoor adventures.  They use Merino wool in every item they make and have various length of sock and color options.

For more information and the best price at Amazon CLICK HERE.

Which sock is your favorite? Please Contact us and let us know!

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