Xterra Comino Swimrun

The Xterra Comino swimrun event is held in Malta, on the tiny island of Comino that lies between Malta and Gozo. Comino has an even smaller partner, 'Cominotto", and between them lies the incredible Blue Lagoon. What a spot for a swimrun event!

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Comino Blue Lagoon from the air, with small bots at anchor.The Blue Lagoon by Comino

This  year (2024) the Comino event is planned for Saturday, 21 September. There is a boat transfer at 08:00 from the ferry terminal at Cirkewwa on the northern tip of Malta. The race starts at 09:30, and only teams are allowed, no solo racers!

If you are coming from Gozo, you will have to make your own transfer arrangements from Mgarr harbour. There are a lot of boat trips over to Comino from Mgarr, so there won't be any problem, but you should probably reserve a boat in advance!

Total swim distance is 2km, and the total run distance is 8km. The precise distances of the individual legs will be announced nearer to race day.

The entry fee is €45 per person, and every finisher gets a medal, a swim hat and a T-shirt. 

Xterra Comino swimrun

Comino swimrun Xterra

The start will probably be near the Blue Lagoon, featuring a short run followed by swimming in the incredible blue waters of the lagoon itself.

The course will then most likely follow the coast path around Comino, heading past San Niklaw Bay, around Santa Maria Bay, then heading inland towards Comino Major, the highest point at 75 metres.

After that, the route turns south past St. Mary's Gun Battery, then west to St. Mary's Tower before turning north back up to the Blue Lagoon.

Swim legs are likely to be at the Blue Lagoon, San Niklaw Bay and Santa Maria Bay.

An aerial view of Comino and Cominotto islands, Malta, showing the Blue Lagoon.Comino and Cominotto with the Blue Lagoon

The trails around Comino are mostly stony uneven paths. There is not a great deal of vertical, as the highest point on the island is only 75 metres, but the trails are quite up-and-down.

Swim entry and exit points are over loose shingle and coarse sand, and with a gradual gradient - no scrambling up steep slopes!

We think this event is perfect for people new to swimrun, or those looking for an event in warmer, less challenging conditions.  For example, wetsuits are allowed, but most people will just wear a tri suit. So, aside from being warmer, you are not facing the stress of running in a wetsuit!

We are really looking forward to the Xterra Comino swimrun event on September 21st - feel free to get in touch with us via the Contact Us link if you plan to be there too!

You can visit the Xterra website here for more information about the Comino race.

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