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Swimrun-Advice.com can provide an efficient and effective marketing platform for reputable and top quality companies in the Swimrun sector. Advertising options are individualized and targeted, reaching your customers while they are researching their options.

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Swimrun-Advice.com is a unique website, where EVERY review and EVERY page has been personally written by Richard Mitchell. He is passionate about providing truthful, accurate and helpful information for Swimrun consumers. Essentially it offers a win-win-win advertising opportunity for product and service providers targeting Swimrun consumers.

It's a win-win-win opportunity because;

  •         You, the sponsor, benefit by increased customer awareness of your brand, and thereby increased sales.
  •         The customers benefit because they are provided with accurate information and a solution to their problem.
  •         And Swimrun-Advice.com benefits through the sponsorship by being able to continue providing FREE content and information on Swimrun topics.

Many Swimrun companies advertise OFFLINE, using traditional newspapers, magazines and TV/Radio, often touching people when they are LEAST interested. It is "intrusive" - it reaches your audience at a time when they are likely NOT thinking about or planning Swimrun training or events. This makes it untargeted, expensive and wasteful.

But with ONLINE sponsorship you can reach your potential customers WHILE THEY ARE ACTIVELY searching for a solution to a question or problem, influencing their choices and requests. Online website sponsorship reaches a highly-targeted audience specifically when they are searching for information. And the right website works 24hours / 7days / 52weeks a year!

So Why would Sponsoring Swimrun-Advice.com be So Powerful?

Swimrun-Advice.com's success has come from providing high quality, accurate and unbiased information on Swimrun equipment, tools and resources online, since the beginning of 2017.

It not only receives a large volume of visitors, but it also pleases those visitors through the information it provides. Through site sponsorship, you have the opportunity to showcase your product or service to a large volume of happy readers who are actively seeking Swimrun solutions.

Swimrun Sponsorship Opportunities

About 40% of that traffic is from the United States, with the rest of the traffic coming in from across the globe, predominantly the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.

So The Benefits of Swimrun Sponsorship Opportunities Are?

Showcase your brand to targeted and happy visitors EACH day.

  •         Build Brand familiarity.
  •         Drive warm and pre-sold visitors to your website.
  •         Generate new leads and new business.

How Does It Work?

This is not a "commercial" website, so there are only a few sponsorship opportunities available. Why are we limiting the opportunities? Our vision is simple...

 "We want to preserve what Swimrun-Advice.com is all about... my mission to provide honest, accurate and unbiased information on Swimrun issues for the general public".

Sponsorship Opportunities and Rates

Swimrun-Advice.com is accepting a limited number of sponsorships on an exclusive basis . You must truly have an excellent product or service.

Swimrun-Advice.com will not work with any product nor company that might result in it's visitors having a sub-optimal experience.

Sponsorship rates are based on...

        Degree of exposure of the the sponsor (ie. ad block site-wide, or specific pages only)
        Value of the ad block to the sponsor
        Advertisement format, size and prominence.

 If you have a Swimrun product or service that you believe meets our quality standards and would benefit our readers, please contact us by completing the form below. Together, we can build a program that will increase awareness of your brand and drive prospective customers to your products, resulting in increased sales.

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