Hauling other gear

by Greg
(Madison, WI)

The writing here has been great for a nube. Thank you.

Curious if you've ever hauled other gear and what's worked for you. For instance, the race I'm doing requires me to bring along a compass and pressure bandage. Together with nutrition, have you hauled stuff before?

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Jul 23, 2019

by: Richard

Hi Greg, thanks for your question. In all the races I've done, we had to have a waterproof pressure bandage, a compass, a waterproof map of the race course provided by the race organisers, and we elected to carry some carbohydrate gels. For longer events we have also taken spare goggles!
There are a couple of options for carrying this stuff. The first way is to use the internal pockets of your wetsuit, if you have them. Sometimes it's hard to get into the pockets with cold hands, and so I only put the bandage and the map in there. The compass is usually incorporated into your GPS watch, if you have one. Otherwise you can get a waterproof compass with a wrist strap, like a watch, so you wear it on your wrist.
The carb gels are easily put down your long calf-length socks, if you are wearing them.
The second way to deal with all these items is to get a neoprene marathon belt with a pouch, and just put everything in there. It's accessible, and you know everything is in there in one place.
The only thing I didn't put in the marathon belt when I used one was the collapsible water bottle. We don't normally bother with these for shorter events, but when there are longer distances between water stations, it's nice to be carrying some water. When the bottle has water in it, it's too big for the marathon belt, and the only option is to stuff it down the inside of your wetsuit, sort of to one side, towards your armpit. Surprisingly, I could swim easily with the bottle in there! When the bottle is empty, I just roll it up and put it into the marathon belt too.
Hope this helps!

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